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Why I Write Blog?

The Road to Blogging

It has been a long time since I intented to start my won blog.
Due to lack of money and other factors, this didn’t happen until I find github pages which is convenient and free to build and host my blog. So,
many thanks to Github and jekyllbootstrap. That is also why I kept the Jekyll Introduction post the way it is.
jekyll-bootstrap is amazingly easy to start, but flexible enough for anyone to customize themes, comments, pictures, rss etc.
There may not enough themes to choose from at first, but the simplicity design is incredibly comfortable, so, here we go!


Why I Write Blog?

There are many reasons why I write blog, the main one , I think, is recording my life.
As I grow old, the fear of losing all my experience increases. That begins one day when I try to remember my childhood, huge blank in my brain floats.
Where is the time I have spent? They leave nothing but emptiness. When I asked myself the question, I began to look back to my life for the first time, before which time, looking forward to the future is the only thing.
Dairy is a way to help me remember, but they are hard to keep. Most of my dairies are gone with the wind. So I decided to start a blog, not only for CS stuff but also for my life.

Learning is a process, but sometimes you may find yourself ‘standing’ at somewhere for too long and start to suspect that if you really moves forwad, actually yes, you just don’t know yet.
Confifence is quite important for programmers, otherwise you might lose yourself. Blogging shows the learning curve, reminds you of what you have done in the past.

When I wonder if I could do something or if I have spent my life in vain, I would open the blog and look back ,tha’s when I know there is strength deep in my heart .
This blog not only concerns technology stuff, also covers my thought on life, career, youth, time, psychology, moveis, etc.

Sharing is what blogs are capable of, when you read the blog and find something useful or interesting, that would be enough!

The Future of this Blog

Once started, there will be no stop. I would keep wirting and sharing until the day come when death take me and my blog apart. i
Since it’s been here, I’d try my best to perfect it. Clearing my thought and spread it out, if my blog could help anyone, it won’t be a waste of time and energy.

Life is a bitch, Blog on!


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